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Laurel Valley, Pennsylvania is a coal mining community located 20 miles west of Nickel City.  The main industry is theLaurel Valley Coal Company.  The Company supplies coal to customers in Nickel City and Emporium, Pennsylvania. NCL trains 401 and 402 normally handle the movement of coal from this mine.  These trains operate in the early morning hours so as not to obstruct the mainline during peak travel periods.


Railfans are in for a treat today.  A Norfolk Southern fast freight is making a rare appearance on the NCL.  Norfolk Southern has trackage rights but only uses them at peak periods.
Another railfan has captured the action on the same NS train on the steel girder bridge.
This railfan took an even gutsier move (not endorsed by the NCL management) and waited just inside the tunnel for the same NS train!
This railfan captured an NCL coal train negotiating the gorge after leaving a mountain tunnel.
Another railfan captured the same shot from above the gorge.
Finally, this railfan was at the other end of the gorge and captured the NCL coal drag leaving the mountain tunnel.
Besides train watching, the Gorge offers some of the best fishing spots around.  These two folks get the best of both worlds.....good fishing and great train watching!
LV Switcher 1478 maneuvers several loaded hoppers to a siding during a regular day's routine.
Down the road from Laurel Valley is Mills River.  Mills River Grain & Feed caters to many of the area farmers.  Today Jim Andrews has backed his pickup to the loading dock for some feed.  Don't be in a hurry 'cause Eddie McCartney is sitting at the dock and he has plenty to talk about.
Here's another view of Mills River Grain & Feed.  The owner's old Ford cab over still sits in the garage waiting for that expensive part to get her back on the road again.
The local has arrived at Mills River in time to take out that empty box car on the siding.  The next delivery is expected in about a month.
Despite the MOW departments best efforts, Tunnel 18 has been struck again by the local artists.
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