Short Line of the Alleghenies


The following are a list of the most current trains operating on the Nickel City Line and thier schedule.
Train Number Train Type From To
100 Commuter Monserrat Nickel City
101 Commuter Nickel City Monserrat
102 Commuter Monserrat Nickel City
103 Commuter Nickel City Monserrat
115 Commuter Nickel City Monserrat
116 Commuter Monserrat Nickel City
117 Commuter Nickel City Monserrat
118 Commuter Monserrat Nickel City
200 Fast Freight Ridgway Harrisburg
201 Fast Freight Shippensburg Pittsburg
202 Fast Freight Pittsburgh Shippensburg
203 Fast Freight Harrisburg Ridgway
301 Intermodal Nickel City Emporium
302 Intermodal Emporium Nickel City
401 Coal Nickel City Emporium
402 Coal Emporium Nickel City
403 Coal Harrisburg Driftwood
404 Coal Driftwood Harrisburg
502 Local Monserrat Nickel City
503 Local Nickel City East Nickel City
504 Local - Evening Sweep Nickel City / NC East Monserrat/ Nickel City
BF3 Mixed Freight Enola Buffalo
BF4 Mixed Freight Buffalo Enola
713 Mixed Freight Baltimore Rochester
714 Mixed Freight Rochester Baltimore
642 Passenger Pittsburgh New York
643 Passenger New York Pittsburgh
644 Passenger Pittsburgh New York
655 Passenger Harrisburg Erie
656 Passenger Erie Harrisburg

Color Code Key

Color      Railroad
  Grey      Nickel City Line
  Green      Pennsylvania Railroad
  Blue      Chessie System
  Red      Amtrak
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