Short Line of the Alleghenies


Monserrat, Pennsylvania is a mining town located 11 miles west of Canova, Pennsylvania.  The town supplies iron ore to customers in Pittsburg, Erie and Harrisburg.  The town also has several other small industries which are dependant on the Nickel City Line to move goods and services through the Alleghenies.  A train station also serves commuter and long distance rail travelers on a daily basis.


Monserrat Freight Terminal is empty right now, but come Monday morning, the parking lot will be full of activity as freight is moved in and out of the structure onto awaiting rail cars.
The local Fire Company surveys downtown Monserrat as evening approaches.

Several Signal Maintainers work on the interlock signal by Monserrat station.

The main intersection in Monserrat shows off the town's train station.  The local fire crew is returning from an emergency call.
The mayor's house is seen off to the left.  The mayor likes to keep tabs on all the goings on in Monserrat.
The local Monserrat PD like to hide in the alley by the train station to catch speeders and other law breakers!
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