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Sheppardsfield is a small mountain town which resides approximately 5 miles west of Nickel City.  The town has a small siding which serves a storage and transfer warehouse, a metal fabrication plant and a team track.  A small siding just east of town serves the Nickel City Mining Company's Mine No. 6.  This mine produces a moderate amount of coal on a every other day basis.

A renovated train station serves commuter and long distance passenger traffic for the town.  Town live seems to revolve around the comings and goings of the railroad. It is not unusual to see lifelong residents stop what they are doing to watch a passing freight.


A cut of loaded coal hoppers sit on a siding at Mine No. 6 awaiting pickup.
NCL Local engine 269 prepares to remove a cut of loaded coal cars from the Mine 6 yard while the security guard takes time to talk with a lost driver.
An NCL freight exits Tunnel 15 beside Mine No. 6.  This is one of the more popular railfan sights along the NCL.
Here's another photo taken by a railfan on a hill over looking Mine No. 6.  Judging from the vantage point of this picture, the railfan is inside the mine's security fence.  Sure hope the guards are not out on patrol!
Main Street in Sheppardsfield is busy for this Sunday afternoon in the summer.
A head on view of the same eastbound local shows the dark and threatening cloudsbehind the town of Sheppardsfield.  Looks like another summer storm is aboutdrench the town folk.  Better grab your umbrella.

Metal Fabricators is one of the small local industries in Sheppardsfield that rely on the efficient service provided by the Nickel City Line Railroad.

Repair crews are trying to restore the area water supply after an old iron pipe ruptured this morning.  All the activity hasn't stopped Pennsylvania Train BF4 from going about its business on its way towards Nickel City.
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