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Nickel City is the Hub of the Nickel City Line.  Nickel City was founded in 1849 by a wealthy industrialist named Jonathan Sebastian Nickel.  The City was designed to serve Nickel's mining interests in the surrounding area.  Nickel was granted a charter to develop a rail line from Nickel City to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  The rail line was completed in 1857.  The railroad was expanded west to Ridgway, Pennsylvania  in 1863.  So formed the Nickel City Line.  The railroad's headquarters, shops and main yard are situated in Nickel City.  Freight traffic supplies customers in Ridgway, Harrisburg and beyond.  Passenger service serves Harrisburg to Pittsburg and Buffalo through track agreements  with neighboring railroads.


One of the many freights departing Nickel City passes by one of the City's grade crossings.  Waiting for the train is a fact of life in this busy City.
Tunnel 17 overlook is a great place to see all the rail action.  Here a fast freight heads west to Ridgway.
The Allegheny Model Railroaders have set up shop in one of the old stores in Nickel City.  Their Saturday Open Houses attract many visitors.  Today's visitor line goes past two storefronts!!
A pair of center flow hoppers await delivery outside the Nickel City Yard.
Locomotives 278 and 270 (left) emerge from the tunnel under Sherman's Warehouse enroute to the main yard to pick up a coal consist headed North.  Meanwhile, Locomotive 419 switches out some other coal hoppers needed by the power plant for today.
Many through streets cross the industrial area of Nickel City and train crews must always be on the alert for vehicle traffic as they go about their work.  Here a crew member stands ready to stop vehicle traffic so number 419 can safely pick up it's cut of cars.

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Locomotives 278 and 270 continue towards the main yard, all the time cautious of the many grade crossings between the engine facilities and the main yard.


The old historic section of Nickel City caters to a variety of questionable businesses.

Early twilight shows off the character of the old historic district of Nickel City.
The evening crew has reported to duty and are preparing to head to the main yard to pick up thier assigned consist.
NCL Union members are seen outside thier union hall discussing terms for the upcoming Spring contract talks.
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